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We Build Local Economy WIth Peer Support Services and Coalition-Building

United And Guided is a 501c3 organization dedicated to developing  economic security and emotional wellness in traditionally underserved communities through education, service learning, and local ownership.

We recognize that underserved communities face large disparities in health, justice, literacy, and economic stability.  To address these issues, United And Guided envisions a social enterprise that delivers career coaching, restorative justice, mental health peer support, and community development services to serve traditionally marginalized youth and families.

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Conflict Mediation

United And Guided mediators facilitate conversation between two conflicting parties, and help negotiate solutions that are satisfactory for both sides.


Enhanced Care Management

Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is a Medi-Cal benefit offering extra services for members with complex health and social needs, such as housing insecurity.


Mental Health Peer Support

Recovery-Oriented, person-centered, relationship-focused, and trauma-informed approach to behavioral health in marginalized communities.


Black Fathers Inc.

Black Fathers Inc Sacramento: Empowering black dads to build strong families through bi-weekly gatherings, discussions, and resource sharing.


Co-Ed Doula Services

Certified Doula team offers prenatal coaching, advocacy, and postpartum mental health support for co-parents for 2 years.


Community Supports

Services that support Medi-Cal members in developing essential skills for independent living including self-help and socialization in their natural environment.


What Is Community Conflict Mediation?

Community mediation is a process in which trained, neutral volunteer mediators help participants communicate their concerns to each other, clarify options for resolution, and develop mutually acceptable solutions. Community mediation is voluntary, confidential, neutral, and less time-consuming than litigation and arbitration.  Our certified volunteer mediators help resolve interpersonal misunderstandings in several types of scenarios including:

Divorce And Marriage Problems

Student/Parent/Teacher Disputes

Misunderstandings Between Community Groups

Problems between Neighbors

Family Issues

Customers/Business Disagreements

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Collective Impact Consulting

For organizations who are ready to take a multi-sector, multi-cultural collaborative approach to attack large social issues that are byproducts of poverty such as, street violence, law enforcement injustice, and structural racism.

United And Guided uses a "Collective Impact" approach to address large social issues that affect our community.  We serve as the "Backbone Organization", helping you: 

1) establish a common agenda with your partner organizations, includes mission, vision, and values statements; 

2) establish long-term, authentic communication within your circle partners via social media, virtual engagement; personal connection; 

3) organize mutually-reinforcing activities among your circle to bring publicity and funding opportunities. to you and your partners; and

4) establish a shared metric for success in order to measure the social and economic impact of your collective activities.

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Our Creative Team

Dupree Herndon

Board President / Certified Conflict Mediator

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Paul Durenberger

Board Vice President / Certified Domestic Violence Peer Counselor

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Vu Tran

Board Secretary

LaShanya Breazell

Financial Officer / Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist

Richard Johnson

Operations Director / Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist

Imani Lucas, M.S.

Executive Director / Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist