United And Guided was formed in 2017, when a group of parents and youth advocates decided that they wanted to cultivate positive social change for Black and Brown families in Sacramento.  Several of our members are caring parents who have experienced trauma, violence, drug addiction, poverty, and/or incarceration in their younger years. 

The leaders of United And Guided recognize that underserved communities face large disparities in health, justice, literacy, and economic stability.  To address these issues, United And Guided envisions a social enterprise that delivers career coaching, restorative justice, mental health peer support, and community development services to serve youth and families in traditionally underserved communities. 



The mission of United And Guided is to develop economic security and emotional wellness in traditionally marginalized communities through education, service learning, and local ownership.



United And Guided stands for the following core values:

1) Resilience -- we help build resilience from trauma by teaching new skills and knowledge and assisting in identifying inherent strengths. 

2) Academic Excellence -- we help improve academic outcomes through educational support and by always encouraging the importance of education and experiential learning. 

3) Community Engagement -- we help inspire an appreciation for community engagement in all its forms through service learning, exposure, and self-reflection. 

4) Sound Character -- we help instill sound character traits through academics, sports, volunteering, and life skills training.

5) Economic Empowerment -- we help inspire families to become economically self-sufficient by by learning how to acquire appreciating assets, create passive income, and properly manage debt.


Joslyn Thompson is a mother, and Pediatric Coordinator by profession.  Majoring in Sociology, Joslyn has several years experience working with youth.  Joslyn joined United And Guided out of love for helping others.  She says it is her passion to go out and serve others and give back to our community.  Joslyn's goal is to make a change in others’ lives and help people become successful with the tools that they are in need of. According to Joslyn, "it’s about making a change in the lives of others and being blessing to our society.

Joslyn Thompson Board Member

Joseph Thomas is a co-founder of United And Guided, and case manager specialist serving Sacramento. Mr. Thomas also has over 12 years lived experience with the justice system and is a caring father and entrepreneur. Mr. Thomas brings a wealth of wisdom and compassion to United And Guided.

Joseph Thomas Board Vice President

Sierra Duggan is a student majoring in communications who one day wishes to start her own non-profit in third world countries helping those who are suffering. She is passionate about exploring nature and running. As a woman searching for purpose, United And Guided has led Sierra to exponential growth and continues to mold her as she continues to seeing love and greatness in every aspect of life. Being a multi-cultured woman, Sierra considers herself lucky to live in a generation where everything seems like its in the palm of her hands, therefore she wants to dedicate her life to philanthropy and make change around the world. 

Sierra Duggan Board Member

Vu Tran is the Treasurer for United And Guided (UAG). He truly enjoys giving back to his community and to organizations like UAG. He is also the owner of Like Academy, a learning center situated in Elk Grove.  His goal is to build a network of partnership among organizations that are invested solely in empowering the marginalized population in our communities.

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Vu Tran Board Treasurer

Richard Johnson is a co-founder and Chief Operations Director. United and Guided (UAG), Inc., is inspired by Mr. Johnson’s personal experiences as a community leader, as well as, his long-term dedication to youth development. Mr. Johnson’s goal for UAG is to focus on bridging the disparities gap to ensure parents are equipped to attain health care, justice, literacy and financial stability. Mr. Johnson desires for UAG to serve as a resource to help students maximize their full potential and one day come back to their communities and pay it forward.

Richard Johnson Director Of Operations 

Imani Lucas is a proud father of two, and has over 25 years experience working in marginalized communities from the City of Sacramento to the rural aldeas of Northern Guatemala. Imani has a Bachelors degree in Sociology, and a Masters in Organizational Management. Imani is a Veteran of the United States Navy, and served a complete 27-month tour in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Imani provides Conflict Mediation and Restorative Justice facilitation in English and Spanish.


Imani Lucas M.S.

Executive Director